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Composant Auteur Site Web
sitecredits Roalcana
Xmap Guillermo Vargas
codehighlighter John
joocomments BullRaider
Akeeba Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
mijopolls Mijosoft LLC
prestalegals Gilbert Marin
JComments smart
Easy Frontend SEO Viktor Vogel
COM_JCE Ryan Demmer
Script Code Highlighter! Amreeta Ray
PrestaOpen Développement Timeline Gilbert Marin
RokSprocket RocketTheme, LLC


Module Auteur Site Web
Joes Word Cloud JoelLipman.Com
Menu Accordeon CK Cédric KEIFLIN
Mail this page Fiona Coulter
MijoPolls Mijosoft LLC
Advanced Google Plus Badge ANDI Amine
Flexheader3 Andre Hotzler
BT Login BowThemes
Vina Awesome Image Slider
RokSprocket Module RocketTheme, LLC


Plugin Auteur Site Web
Éditeur - CodeMirror Marijn Haverbeke
Éditeur - TinyMCE Ephox Corporation
Xmap - Content Plugin Guillermo Vargas
Xmap - WebLinks Plugin Guillermo Vargas
Content - SyntaxHighlighter Joomler!.net
plg_content_codehighlighter John
Contenu - JComments smart
Recherche - JComments smart
Système - JComments smart
Bouton - JComments ON smart
Bouton - JComments OFF smart
Utilisateur - JComments smart SuperTable Plugin Abivia Inc.
Content - BT Social Share
System - JoomShareBar - Ultimate Social Sharing
Quick Icon - JComments smart
System - Gantry 4 RocketTheme, LLC
System - Easy Frontend SEO Viktor Vogel
Plug-in éditeur JCE Ryan Demmer
System - JCE MediaBox Ryan Demmer
tinyMCE Ciplogic's CodeEditor (GeSHi) Bogdan Mustiata
tinyMCE Ciplogic's CodeEditor (Html) Bogdan Mustiata
Content - Script Code Highlighter (GeSHi) Amreeta Ray
Button - Script Code Highlighter (GeSHi) Amreeta Ray
System - JCE Ryan Demmer
System - RokCommon RocketTheme, LLC
System - RokSprocket RocketTheme, LLC
Content - RokInjectModule RocketTheme, LLC
Icône raccourci - Notification Akeeba Backup Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
Content - JCE Ryan Demmer
Installer - JCE Ryan Demmer
Extension - JCE Ryan Demmer
Quick Icon - JCE File Browser Ryan Demmer


Template Auteur Site Web
jp_genesis_j2.5 JoomlaPraise
gantry RocketTheme, LLC


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